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Getting started with your first repository!

install git

Navigate to your directory eg. => cd desktop

Start a new project by making a local repo => mkdir first_repository

=>cd first_repository

Boot up/ initialise your new git repository for your project on your local machine => git init (this command makes whatever folder you are inside of your new git repository and version control starts, meaning you can use all the git commands within this folder)

Nb// any other folder that is not initialised will prompt .git fatal

Make changes or updates to your project eg. create new files. In my…

Steps to publish your first react app — Terminal

Prerequisites -install latest npm and node, create-react- app , login to your netlify account.

  1. npm run build
  2. npm install netlify-cli -g use sudo if you don’t have the necessary permissions setup
  3. netlify deploy
  4. Choose — create and configure a new site
  5. Press Enter to access your account/username and generate a random site i.e optional site
  6. point to the deploy path , run ./build
  7. Your site is hosted already:-)
  8. Make it production ready , run netlify deploy — prod
  9. run ./build
  10. Your app is officially Hosted, click on your site YaY!

— — PS

Go to your netlify account, check your link, its a manual deploy where you rebuild and manually deploy.

Manual deployment

  1. npm run build
  2. netlify deploy — prod
  3. ./build

Happy Coding:-)

Getting started with your first python project on vscode

Go to — Download the latest version of Python3. Check python version on the terminal using the python3 — version command. Ps/ if you are into developing games download version 3.7.X , For python 3.8 you need a hack to install pygame.

1.Follow the installation prompts after download

2. cd <project>

3. launch your project on Vscode using code .

4.Install the python extension.

4. Go to the terminal on your project and create a virtual environment using python3 -m venv venv, Say yes to the prompt.

5.To activate use source ./venv/bin/activate

— — Happy Coding


Install arepl, kite, autodocstring extension

Install pytest, linting

Don’t upgrade pip , i.e dont run pip install — upgrade pip unless you know what you are doing.

Installing React

— launch your terminal

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of node.js and npm : run node -v / npm -v , to update run npm install npm@latest -g , incase of issues run npm audit (fix the issues or you’ll have problems later)and npm audit fix
  2. cd <projectfolder> / locate where you want your react project to be.
  3. Run npx create-react-app <projectname>, Project name should be in lower case, preferably. NB//This doesn’t install react locally.
  4. wait for the installation
  5. Once the installation is successful , cd <projectname> you may also run npm start here or do step 6 first.
  6. open it on VsCode using code . the Vscode terminal inside your react project/folder run npm start to start the development server.

— Happy Hacking!

First, Make sure you have a stable connection, You don’t know the trouble you’ll get into when some packages are missing. You’ll Thank me later :-)

  1. Make sure you have node.js installed by downloading it from — check for the latest stable version by running

node -v

  • If you have it already — Make sure you have updated npm , run npm — version , update or install npm using
  • sudo npm install
  • sudo npm update

2. Run sudo npm i -g expo-cli if you have configured your prefix well run npm i -g expo-cli as admin, Make sure…

xcode install

Hi Devs,

  1. Every macOS comes with a pre-installed/default git version that needs an upgrade to the latest version.
  2. To check the git version run gitversion on your terminal
  3. To install git run xcode-select — install on the terminal
  4. It will prompt to allow developer tools installation and will download git automatically.


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