Getting started with your first repository!

install git

Navigate to your directory eg. => cd desktop

Start a new project by making a local repo => mkdir first_repository

=>cd first_repository

Boot up/ initialise your new git repository for your project on your local machine => git init (this command makes…

Steps to publish your first react app — Terminal

Prerequisites -install latest npm and node, create-react- app , login to your netlify account.

  1. npm run build
  2. npm install netlify-cli -g use sudo if you don’t have the necessary permissions setup
  3. netlify deploy
  4. Choose — create and configure a new site
  5. Press Enter to access your account/username and generate a random site i.e optional site
  6. point to the deploy path , run ./build
  7. Your site is hosted already:-)
  8. Make it production ready , run netlify deploy — prod
  9. run ./build
  10. Your app is officially Hosted, click on your site YaY!

— — PS

Go to your netlify account, check your link, its a manual deploy where you rebuild and manually deploy.

Manual deployment

  1. npm run build
  2. netlify deploy — prod
  3. ./build

Happy Coding:-)

Getting started with your first python project on vscode

Go to — Download the latest version of Python3. Check python version on the terminal using the python3 — version command. Ps/ if you are into developing games download version 3.7.X , For python 3.8 you need a hack to install pygame.

1.Follow the installation prompts after download

2. cd <project>

3. launch your project on Vscode using code .

4.Install the python extension.

4. Go to the terminal on your project and create a virtual environment using python3 -m venv venv, Say yes to the prompt.

5.To activate use source ./venv/bin/activate

— — Happy Coding


Install arepl, kite, autodocstring extension

Install pytest, linting

Don’t upgrade pip , i.e dont run pip install — upgrade pip unless you know what you are doing.

Installing React

— launch your terminal

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of node.js and npm : run node -v / npm -v , to update run npm install npm@latest -g , incase of issues run npm audit (fix the issues or you’ll have problems later)and npm audit fix
  2. cd <projectfolder> / locate where you want your react project to be.
  3. Run npx create-react-app <projectname>, Project name should be in lower case, preferably. NB//This doesn’t install react locally.
  4. wait for the installation
  5. Once the installation is successful , cd <projectname> you may also run npm start here or do step 6 first.
  6. open it on VsCode using code . the Vscode terminal inside your react project/folder run npm start to start the development server.

— Happy Hacking!

xcode install

Hi Devs,

  1. Every macOS comes with a pre-installed/default git version that needs an upgrade to the latest version.
  2. To check the git version run gitversion on your terminal
  3. To install git run xcode-select — install on the terminal
  4. It will prompt to allow developer tools installation and will download git automatically.


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