Getting started with an expo-cli app — on MacOS Terminal or with windows alternative commands

First, Make sure you have a stable connection, You don’t know the trouble you’ll get into when some packages are missing. You’ll Thank me later :-)

  1. Make sure you have node.js installed by downloading it from — check for the latest stable version by running

node -v

  • If you have it already — Make sure you have updated npm , run npm — version , update or install npm using
  • sudo npm install
  • sudo npm update

2. Run sudo npm i -g expo-cli if you have configured your prefix well run npm i -g expo-cli as admin, Make sure your internet is on steroids.

3. It will take a long minute to download , ignore the warnings once its done, make sure you see the message eg. + expo-cli@version and other packages installed

4.Install expo client app on your phone from the appstore

Expo Project, Finally YaY!

5. On the terminal run expo init <project name> eg. expo init HelloWorldApp

6. Choose either the managed or Bare workflow — to be safe choose the auto-selected blank managed workflow template , applies to all newbees to app development with litttle ios or Android Background, has little compexity. enter

8.It will take another long minute — Make sure your internet is stable , Dude!

You’ll know you’ve done it when you get the message with a green check

  • Downloaded and extracted files project files
  • Installed Javascript dependencies

Start a project

You can cd <Project name>

open it on VsCode by using the command code . (There is a space between code and the fullstop)

Happy Coding !

Nothing is working What to do!!!????

NB// if you have anything unsuccessful , Go to stackoverflow Bro/Sis :-)

Before that here are some ideas

Repeat steps 5–8 again if you had the correct message i.e + expo-cli@version , Check your internet make sure this time no connection problems!

if nothing works,

open a new terminal run,

npm audit

sudo npm audit fix

check the npm — version again to make sure you are running the latest version.

then run the following commands in order to upgrade

  • sudo npm install or
  • sudo npm update

Make sure you are running the latest version of npm that comes with the node_modules , package.json and package-lock.json run the

if other things go wrong , run

  • rm package-lock.json //optional
  • sudo npm cache clean — force
  • sudo npm install
  • sudo npm update

Dont bother installing any missing packages nomatter the prompt its useless, but try it who knows :-)

Don’t uninstall anything, I know you want to , Don’t!

Now start the expo install process! Yes ! Again!

This time it works , It really works :-)

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